Summit Agenda


April 27th

Teach-In on Nonviolent
Direct Action

Gain skills and strategies for using nonviolent action in the streets to protect our values and communities, and build our power.


Youth Organizing
Summit Party

Hosted by MTV and other great sponsors


Friday, April 28th

Full day of trainings and breakouts,
focused on...

Electoral engagement:

Electoral Organizing 101
Basics of building power through voter registration, voter education, and get out the vote.

Advanced Electoral Organizing
Running Candidates that Represent our Generation

Advanced Electoral Organizing
Winning Progressive Change With Ballot Measures

Advanced Electoral Organizing
Running Scaled Civic Engagement Drives that Can Change the Balance of Power

Ways to build power & push the policy envelope through issue organizing:

  • Voting Rights

  • Economic Justice & Opportunity

  • Safety & Justice

  • Climate Change

  • Reproductive Justice

  • Immigrant Rights

Organizing context and strategies:

Power Mapping
How to identify the target decision-makers on your campaign, determine who influences them, and move all your targets to achieve your goal.

From Resistance to Governance 
Leveraging the massive energy of the current moment and moving folks into a proactive mindset for building long-term political power.

The Future is Young Women of Color 
Building the leadership and organizing skills of young women of color to impact change in their communities.

Building a Team 
Whether volunteer or paid, identifying super-talented people, getting the right folks in the right roles, and winning.

Leveraging Cheap + Free Tech
Supporting our organizing with affordable tech tools that anybody in the movement can use.

Criminalizing our Communities + Strategies to Fight Back
Hear from folks in the HIV anti-criminalization, immigrant rights, and Black Lives Matter movements on how they're pushing back.

Grassroots Policy Development 
Making sure organizers and grassroots activists have the tools to influence legislation at the local level to ensure that real people’s needs are understood and incorporated by policymakers.

Organizing 101 
For folks who are new to the movement, we will cover the core elements of organizing – creating clear purposes, building empowered teams, holding powerful meetings and events, and winning with people power. (Open only to organizers, to facilitate vulnerable conversations)

Internal Leadership Development 
Sustaining our organizations by ensuring they always have great leadership – moving people up internal ladders of leadership, and planning for the future. (Open only to organizers, to facilitate vulnerable conversations)

Engaging the Press 
Making a splash in the media with our organizing work, with excellent press releases, press conferences, relationship-building, and being active in the opinion sections.

Story of Self Training - One of the most powerful elements of organizing is unleashing people’s stories – and learning to compellingly tell your own is a key part of doing that. (Open only to organizers, to facilitate vulnerable conversations).

"They Don't Want You to Vote" 
Learn the untold history of voting rights exclusion in America, and the hard waged victories that have expanded the vote to new people since our founding.

Protecting Vulnerable Communities 
Mobilizing to prevent and protect people who are being targeted (or likely to be targeted) by state and non-state violence.

Using Courts as a Resistance Tool
Strategize about how, as young activists, we can use the courts as a platform for organizing and resistance to protect our rights in the face of attack.

Starting a Nonprofit 
Building your work to last by rooting it inside a legal, compliant organization – naming your group, forming a board of directors, filing articles of incorporation, following rules about c3/c4 compliance, and more.

Sustaining our organizing, by funding it – getting donate pages launched, asking folks for appropriately sized checks, building a target list, and making great pitches.


After the Summit

Youth Convening - Peoples Climate March

Friday, April 28th - 3pm-8pm | Come to DC a day before the march for the chance to strategize, get trained in key organizing skills, and connect with youth climate justice leaders from across the country. The convening will include a lineup of powerful speakers, workshops and trainings, and opportunities to build relationships and networks. Click here to register and learn more.


Youth Organizing Summit and Youth Climate Contingent Art Build & Mingle

Friday, April 28th - 8pm-10pm | Youth Organizing Summit attendees and the youth contingent of the Peoples Climate March will join together after the PCM convening for an art build and mingle. We'll create banners and signs for the march, and have space available for people to talk about the organizing happening in their communities and build relationships across our work. Materials will be limited and individuals are welcome to bring their own.


Peoples Climate March

On Saturday, April 29th, hundreds of thousands will take to the streets of DC to demand a safe and livable climate, an economy that provides sustainable jobs, and justice for all peoples. Click here to register and learn more.