What is this thing?

The Youth Organizing Summit brings together young champions for justice and teams of progressive ass-kickers to form a movement of young people, by young people, for all people. From Civil Rights to the American Revolution, great movements are led by the young. Today our generation is called to lead, and the wildly high stakes demand we do it together. The Youth Organizing Summit connects us to one another in the fight for our future.

From police reform to immigration, from climate change to voting rights, our generation is winning progress at the local level. Where youth organizing is powerful, the progressive movement has a shot at transformational change. The Youth Organizing Summit creates opportunities to share and spread local victories, learn from losses, and move toward a shared strategy to build power.

At the Youth Organizing Summit, we will join together to adopt and adapt cutting-edge strategies for mobilizing young voters, moving the policy needle, and driving the narrative. We will connect the nation’s strongest youth organizers, learn from movement experts, and launch the next great chapter in the American story.